David Dos Santos
Senior Remote UI/UX Designer

From traditional branding to digital creative director to crafting experiences in financial services – my aspiration is to help build value through human centric design.

With all of my time spent on projects, the website is still pending, however, I’ll gladly send you a custom presentation of my latest projects upon request.

What’s on offer:

  • Hands-on visual / UI design
  • Responsive, mobile & app design
  • Branding expertise across multiple platforms
  • Considerable UX knowledge
  • Creating/supporting design systems
  • Prototyping for conveying solutions
  • Business development experience
  • Digital creative direction and mentoring
  • Understanding of emerging technologies
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and drive
  • Driving the pursuit of value through execution
  • A disciplined and experienced remote worker
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For further details on my experience, career history and recommendations, visit my Linkedin profile here